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Friday 19th
posted by Morning Star in Sport

Swedish Football Federation (SvFF) general secretary Hakan Sjostrand vowed yesterday to go after anyone involved in match-fixing after a topflight contest was postponed over an apparent attempt to influence the outcome.

The SvFF announced that the decision to call off the Allsvenska game between IFK Gothenburg and AIK was taken after it emerged an unnamed AIK player had been offered money to under-perform.

The fixture, which is one of the biggest on the domestic calendar, had been scheduled to take place at IFK’s Gamla Ullevi stadium last night.

Sjostrand attended a press conference in Stockholm yesterday morning and promised the SvFF would do everything in its power to keep match-fixing out of the Swedish game.

“This is a message for those who try to destroy football,” he said. “We are going to chase you. We are going to chase you as much as we can.

“We will do everything we can to identify you and get rid of you. We don’t want you in Swedish football. You are not welcome.”

Initial news of the postponement came through a statement from the SvFF, which said: “The attempt to rig the Allsvenska match between IFK Gothenburg and AIK took place on Tuesday.”

Sjostrand further explained: “An AIK player had on Tuesday been approached by a match-fixer, who offered a considerable amount of money and, making harmful threats, asked the player to under-perform against IFK Gothenburg.

“It was collectively agreed to postpone this evening’s match and the police have begun an investigation.

“This is a serious attack on Swedish football and we will never accept it. Therefore it’s important we react with force.”