18 Days Remaining

Saturday 18th
posted by Zoe Streatfield in Britain

SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson accused the Tories yesterday of being “scared” to allow Scots the opportunity to reject Brexit by agreeing to another independence referendum.

There is “no doubt” that there would be another vote on the matter, he insisted.

Speaking at the SNP’s spring conference in Aberdeen, Mr Robertson said Scots “will not be denied their say” and warned that “no UK Prime Minister should dare to stand in the way of Scotland’s democracy.”

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Theresa May ruled out a referendum in the timeframe proposed by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who wants a vote to take place by spring 2019.

Writing in the Times, Ms May said that holding a referendum in the next two years would mean the electorate voting without the “necessary information” about what the terms of Brexit will be and what an independent Scotland would look like.

However, Ms Sturgeon has argued that her timeframe would allow Scots to see the terms of Brexit and reject the deal “before it is too late.”

Mr Robertson, who is also the SNP leader at Westminster, said this response was a “democratic outrage,” coming on the back of a week of “total chaos” for the Tories that saw their “screeching, embarrassing” U-turn on increasing national insurance contributions for the self-employed.

He called for a “clear and unambiguous” statement from Ms May that she would respect the wishes of Scotland if the Holyrood parliament votes for a referendum.

The SNP is expected to pass a resolution in the Scottish Parliament next week, with the help of the Scottish Greens, calling for another independence referendum.

The nationalists have not ruled out holding an advisory referendum.