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Friday 11th
posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

Corbyn attacks May’s ‘unprecedented failure’ on health service as he dives into campaign mode

JEREMY CORBYN led a searing attack on Theresa May’s record on the NHS yesterday as he said the party was in “permanent campaign mode.”

Speaking at a rally in Cornwall, the Labour leader said that the NHS was not safe in Tory hands as new figures revealed the extent of the damage inflicted by the government.

Mr Corbyn warned of a “year of unprecedented failure for cancer patients,” with worsening statistics across the board.

Figures revealed the government had failed to hit cancer targets since 2013/14, while there was an 87 per cent rise in the last year of patients waiting 62 days or more for treatment.

Shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth called for “urgent action” and said Ms May had failed to properly support cancer services, causing strain for thousands of families.

“Frankly, cancer patients and their loved ones are being let down by this government,” he said.

He said the Tory mismanagement of the NHS was “not down  the financial contraints of the economy but the dogmatic constraints of their ideology.”

NHS Digital statistics also showed that more than 2.5 million people had waited over four hours to be seen at A&E, a rise of 460,530.

More than four million people are waiting for treatment, and delayed discharges from hospitals have increased due to social care cuts.

Mr Corbyn said: “NHS patients cannot afford another year of Theresa May.

“She has said she is ‘proud’ of the Conservative record on the NHS, but after a year in office, patients are waiting longer to be seen in A&E, longer for treatment and longer to be discharged.

“That is nothing to be proud of.”

He warned: “[The NHS] is under threat from underfunding. It’s under threat from privatisation. It’s under threat from the internal market and it’s under threat from contracting out.”

The Labour leader was in Truro where he kicked off a nationwide tour of Tory-held seats and SNP seats in Scotland as Labour tries to make ground ahead of the next general election.

Analysis by the London School of Economics revealed earlier this week that seats visited by Mr Corbyn saw a vote share change of 18.7 per cent compared with just 9.8 per cent in seats with no visit.

“It shouldn’t be that the wealthier you are the longer you live. It should be the healthier you are the longer you live,” he said.

And he tore into the Tories and DUP for voting against a Labour amendment to the Queen’s Speech which would have ended the public-sector pay cap.

“The next time a Tory MP tells you how wonderful public-sector workers are … forgive me the crocodile tears, pay them properly as well,” Mr Corbyn said.

Mr Corbyn will spend the rest of the summer campaigning in marginal seats including Swindon, Milton Keynes, Carlisle, Copeland and Bolton.