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Sunday 12th
posted by Morning Star in Features

JEFF SAWTELL is unimpressed by by a new effigy of George Orwell outside BBC Broadcasting House

SYNCRETIC or not, the BBC erecting an egregious effigy dedicated to its in-house MI5 operative who invented “Newspeak” could not be more apposite as it continues to churn out propaganda for the new cold war order.

That’s right, outside the place he claimed to revile and considered “too left-wing” is a nine-foot statue of George Orwell brandishing a cigarette, hand on hip, as if he’s going to fire off an acerbic witticism.

You might imagine him as Oscar Wilde, a real revolutionary, republican writer who was imprisoned for the cardinal sin of having a homosexual relationship with the son of the Marquess of Queensberry and singing songs of love for socialism in Reading Jail.

Sadly, the former colonial copper was more inclined to kiss the arse of the Establishment because, when push came to shove, he backed his betters before he’d grovel with guttersnipes.

Otherwise known as Eric Blair so he could stay incognito when mixing with the masses, he provided the other Blair with an ideal formula borrowed from that nazi fellow — rely on the Big Lie when all else fails.

Despite that, Orwell’s character Winston Smith in 1984 was unable to stay true to anybody, including himself. 

When faced with his most dreaded fears, honesty went out the window and he was grassing up friends, families and colleagues before Senator Joe McCarthy invented it.

Remember, no matter the invented chronology, Orwell worked for the Ministry of Information and the BBC from 1940 to compose anti-fascist copy, only to write a short novelette attacking our Soviet allies published one week before the end of the war.

So, although, he claims to have left the BBC in 1943 as he couldn’t bear “wasting time and the public money on doing work that produces no results,” he was actually a traitor giving aid and succour to the enemy.