17 Days Remaining

Friday 4th
posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

Heavy-handed police disrupt minute’s silence

KURDISH and Yazidi women refused to be silenced yesterday after police shut down a demonstration marking the third anniversary of the massacre at Mount Sinjar.

Officers disrupted a minute’s silence in memory of Yazidi women killed by the Isis death cult in 2014.

And they returned in larger numbers to switch off sound equipment as those gathered branded them a “racist disgrace,” accusing them of the criminalising the Kurdish people.

The demonstration was organised by British-based Yazidi and Kurdish organisations following a call made by the Sinjar Women’s Council for the anniversary to be officially designated International Action Day against Femicide and Genocide.

It was part of a worldwide series of events including a large demonstration in Iraqi Kurdistan.

They criticised leader of the Iraqi Kurdistan regional government Masoud Barzani who they said withdrew his Peshmerga forces leaving the Yazidis defenceless as Isis attacked.

Three years ago, the Yazidis were forced into the mountains by the jihadists, who slaughtered at least 5,000 men and captured thousands of women for sex slavery. The women continue to be sold as sex slaves in markets across the Middles East.

Over 3,000 Yazidi women are still believed to be held by Isis.

Those gathered called for diplomatic pressure to be put on politicians and NGOs to end the genocide and femicide of Yazidi women.

Peace in Kurdistan spokeswoman Melanie Gingell told the Star: “We are here today because yet again there is still inaction from our government over the Yazidi genocide.

“The issue is completely clear cut. The UN Commission on Syria defined what happened in Sinjar as a genocide. The thousands that are being held by Isis must be freed.

“It is appalling that we are here for the third year drawing attention to this heinous crime.”

Kurdish People’s Assembly spokeswoman Elif Sarican said: “This is femicide. This is not just against the Yazidis but against all women of the world.

“This is a global issue and the world must stand up against femicide.”

As police closed in on the demonstration they were met with cries of “shame on you.”

Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign spokesman Mark Campbell told the crowd: “The police are trying to shut us down. We will never be silenced speaking out against the genocide of Yazidi women.”

Ms Sarican accused the officers of political policing and vowed to continue speaking out against atrocities committed around the world.