18 Days Remaining

Thursday 12th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

by Felicity Collier

EURO MPs are meeting today to decide whether the secretive EU-Canada free trade deal can be justified on environmental grounds.

Belgian Green MEP Bart Staes has produced a draft report recommending that the environment, public health and food safety committee oppose the Ceta deal as it doesn’t do enough to protect the planet — and urging the European Parliament to vote against it next month.

But free-trade fanatics are rallying to get the committee behind the deal, producing amendments leaving the stinging attacks in the report intact, but giving consent to the deal nonetheless. Campaigners have been urging the public to contact the committee’s MEPs to urge them to block Ceta.

War On Want’s Mark Dearn said that the outcome of today’s meeting will “put huge pressure on the final vote.”

Campaign group noTTIP urged: “We desperately need people to wake up to the fact that Britain is a signatory to Ceta and will remain so until we completely leave Europe.”

The deal could be passed within the next two months, “with large swathes of it immediately put in place,” noTTIP said.

“After that happens those already struggling in the UK’s brittle Brexit economy will feel the squeeze of yet more anti-worker policy-making.”

Campaigners are planning an international day of action on Saturday January 21, centring on a major demo in Brussels.

And on Thursday January 26, British campaigners will hold a public meeting at Westminster University with Green MEP Jean Lambert and others.