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Wednesday 19th
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

Unite: Labour under Jeremy Corbyn presents a real positive change for Britain

LABOUR could win the snap election — it has policies that voters want, union leaders said yesterday.

Unite condemned Prime Minister Theresa May for going back on promises not to call an early general election and added that voters will not forgive her U-turn.

The union’s acting general secretary Gail Cartmail said the only real choice is between Labour and the Tories, who are intent on “continuing with miserable austerity and destroying the rights and living standards of working people.”

Labour under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn presents “real, positive change” for Britain, especially in its approach to leaving the EU in March 2019, she added.

In recent weeks, Mr Corbyn has announced a series of new policies including making large firms publish their tax returns, giving primary schoolchildren free school meals, giving taxpaying British-based companies priority for public-sector contracts and raising benefits for unpaid carers.

Ms Cartmail said: “Labour has the policy platform that voters want.

“Now it is time to take it to the country and win the change working people so urgently need.”

Scottish Trades Union Congress general secretary Grahame Smith questioned the “bewildering” motives behind Ms May snap U-turn.

The STUC leader said: “Holding a general election after firing the starting gun on the Brexit negotiations is a cynical tactic designed to legitimise the hard-Brexit approach already decided by her government.

“It will have no impact on this approach and will simply serve to shut down genuine debate on what Brexit could and should mean.

“This election smacks of political manoeuvring rather than democracy.”

GMB general secretary Tim Roache called for campaigning that would not be based on “soundbites and buzzwords.”

He said: “This election must be about the lives, hopes and worries of real people, not Westminster games.

“That means tackling insecure work, the housing crisis, a health and social care system close to breaking point and being clear about what the government’s Brexit plan means for each and every one of us.”