12 Days Remaining

Tuesday 14th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

BRITAIN desperately needs exactly the “fundamental change” that Tory MP Johnny Mercer fears would be brought about by a Corbyn-led Labour government, progressives argued yesterday.

It would radically change society by putting ordinary people at its centre and by ending the politics of greed, war and austerity that are in the interests of the wealthiest.

Former army captain Mr Mercer told the Telegraph yesterday that the Tory Party “still seems punch-drunk” following June’s snap election in which it lost its Commons majority.

He said that the renewed pressure on PM Theresa May “smells of decline” and that “people won’t have it.”

After a summer of Machiavellian plots to oust Ms May, topped off by her disastrous conference speech in September, a group of 40 MPs are poised to call for her to stand down amid warnings she has lost control of the Cabinet.

“A Corbyn-McDonnell government would fundamentally change Britain and what it means to be British,” the Plymouth MP said.

Stop the War convener Lindsey German said: “It seems to have passed Johnny Mercer by that the reason why Jeremy Corbyn is gaining support as a future prime minister is that people want fundamental change in this society.

“They are sick of the privatisation, profiteering and greed; the record levels of inequality; and the commitment to endless war which has already destroyed the lives of millions around the world.”

She said that a Labour government “backed by the mass movement” can fundamentally change society for the better.

Nurse and Labour activist Danielle Tiplady told the Star that “Britain needs socialism” if the NHS and public services are to survive. She warned that NHS workers were suffering from seven years of Tory rule with some desperate colleagues having to choose between paying their rent and putting food on the table.

“We need Jeremy Corbyn and Labour in government now. We cannot afford the Tories any longer,” she said.

“The NHS might not last another winter if they are in power.”

People’s Assembly national secretary Sam Fairbairn said: “The Tories’ time is up and they have no idea why the ideas of Jeremy [Corbyn] and John [McDonnell] are so popular. They have lost control of the narrative.”

“We need to get rid of this rich government of the elite.”