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  • China: A speeding bullet (train) now faster

    CHINA increased the maximum speed of bullet trains on its Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway yesterday to 220 miles per hour.

    A bullet train named Fuxing (“Rejuvenation”), which will travel at the new high speed, left Beijing South station at 9am for Shanghai.


    Friday 22nd Sep 2017

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  • China: Targets set for car makers’ fuel switch

    BEIJING revealed at the weekend that it plans to end sales of petrol and diesel cars in favour of electric technology.

    Deputy Industry Minister Xin Guobin told a car industry forum in Tianjin that his ministry has begun “research on formulating a timetable to stop production and...

    Monday 11th Sep 2017

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  • China and Russia denounce US over unilateral sanctions

    CHINA and Russia hit back at the United States yesterday for imposing unilateral sanctions on both countries for allegedly trading with North Korea.

    US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced the sanctions against 16 companies and individuals, mostly Russian and Chinese, on...

    Thursday 24th Aug 2017

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  • North Korea: China sets date to comply with UN import sanctions

    CHINA announced a date yesterday to end imports of North Korean coal, iron ore and other goods in three weeks under UN sanctions imposed over Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programmes.

    Beijing has become progressively frustrated with Pyongyang and supported a UN security council...

    Tuesday 15th Aug 2017

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  • China hits back at latest US incursion of waters

    CHINA accused the US of “undermining” its sovereignity on Thursday night after a US destroyer sailed into its claimed territorial waters surrounding the South China Sea islands.

    A US navy official confirmed the destroyer USS John S McCain — named after both the father...

    Monday 14th Aug 2017

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  • China: Xi warns separatists against invasion

    CHINESE President Xi Jinping marked the 90th anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) yesterday with a warning to separatist groups.

    “The Chinese people treasure peace and we absolutely do not engage in invasion and expansion,” he told politicians and current...

    Wednesday 2nd Aug 2017

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  • US-China: Trade official bats back Trump’s tweetings

    CHINA hit back at US President Donald Trump yesterday over comments linking trade to North Korea’s nuclear weapon and missile programmes.

    Vice Commerce Minister Qian Keming’s remarks came after Mr Trump complained that China had benefited massively from trade with the US...

    Tuesday 1st Aug 2017

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  • India: Talks offer to China if all troops back off Bhutan

    INDIA is ready to hold talks with China if both sides pull back their forces from the disputed border along the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.

    Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj told parliament yesterday that a 2012 agreement bound China and India to settle the issue with Bhutan.


    Friday 21st Jul 2017

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  • Libya risks ‘becoming the next Syria,’ warns China

    THE Chinese and Tunisian foreign ministers called for new efforts to restore peace in Libya yesterday, fearing the Middle Eastern country could become “the next Syria.”

    China’s Wang Yi said Libya was attracting terrorists fleeing from Iraq and Syria, requiring...

    Thursday 20th Jul 2017

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  • Beijing berates US for $1.4bn arms sale to Taiwan

    CHINA attacked the US yesterday over its arms sales to breakaway Taiwan and unilateral sanctions on firms allegedly trading with North Korea.

    The US State Department approved a $1.4 billion (£1.1bn) arms deal with the island — even though Washington does not formally...

    Saturday 1st Jul 2017

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