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  • World in brief: 20.06.17

    Six more in dock in coup backlash

    TURKEY: Newspaper editor Ahmet Altan, his brother Mehmet Altan, an economics professor and writer, and prominent journalist Nazli Ilicak were among people put on trial in Istanbul yesterday on charges relating to last...

    Tuesday 20th Jun 2017

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  • Aegean neighbours fail to find common ground

    GREECE and Turkey held an icy summit in Athens yesterday, failing to agree on a number of questions.

    Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told Turkish counterpart Binali Yildirim that airspace violations over the Aegean Sea must stop because they increase risks of a military...

    Tuesday 20th Jun 2017

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  • 78 lawyers arrested in AKP’s crackdown

    TURKISH police arrested 78 lawyers yesterday across eight provinces in the government’s ongoing round-up of its opponents.

    The lawyers were among 189 who had arrest warrants issued against them by Istanbul’s chief prosecutor, alleging that they were members of an armed...

    Thursday 15th Jun 2017

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  • Amnesty man lifted on terror charge

    AMNESTY International chairman in Turkey Taner Kilic was arrested in the western province of Izmir at the weekend, facing charges of membership of a terror organisation.

    The rights group called Mr Kilic’s arrest a “mockery of justice.”

    He was arrested with...

    Monday 12th Jun 2017

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  • Qatar: Turkey troop deployment approved

    MORE Turkish troops were set for deployment in Qatar yesterday after the government rushed through new legislation to send over its soldiers. 

    The new law authorising increased military co-operation with Qatar was ratified late on Wednesday evening in Turkey’s...

    Saturday 10th Jun 2017

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  • Turkey ‘drags feet over zones plan’

    SYRIAN peace talks were postponed yesterday amid alleged Turkish obstruction of the de-escalation zone plan.

    Russia’s Middle East envoy Mikhail Bogdanov said the talks in the Kazakh capital Astana had been pushed back from June 12 to June 20.

    Earlier this week, a source...

    Friday 9th Jun 2017

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  • Turkey: Germany leaves Incirlik base

    GERMAN forces will leave Turkey’s Incirlik air base, Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel confirmed yesterday.

    Turkey has barred German MPs from visiting the base since last year’s failed military coup, complaining that Berlin has granted asylum to soldiers it accuses of the...

    Wednesday 7th Jun 2017

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  • Tension in border town that protected Isis

    STEVE SWEENEY reports from ‘the most dangerous town in Turkey’ – known as a notorious recruitment centre for jihadists from across the globe

    Saturday 3rd Jun 2017

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  • Defending Turks’ free speech a top priority for UCU

    FREEDOM of speech must be defended, lecturers’ union UCU delegates heard yesterday as they vowed to prioritise solidarity with Turkish academics as “a major campaign.”

    The pledge came after UCU conference watched a video message from Turkish union leader Mesut Firat...

    Monday 29th May 2017

    posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

  • In a city under siege a smile is resistance

    In 2015 in Cizre, Turkey, around 189 men, women and children were trapped for weeks in three basements without water, food or medical aid before they were burned alive. STEVE SWEENEY met some of the relatives

    Saturday 20th May 2017

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