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  • World in brief: Monday February 27 2017

    ‘Huge losses’ during Armenia clashes

    AZERBAIJAN: The Defence Ministry in Baku revealed at the weekend that its soldiers had “suffered losses” during fighting with Armenian forces in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region.


    Monday 27th Feb 2017

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  • Sudan: Khartoum accuses Egypt of meddling in its affairs

    SUDANESE President Omar al-Bashir accused northern neighbour Egypt and regional power Iran yesterday of meddling in his country’s affairs.

    Mr Bashir claimed Egyptian intelligence was sheltering opposition forces that are trying to overthrow his government, which has been in power...

    Tuesday 7th Feb 2017

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  • Egypt: Militants kill 8 at Sinai checkpoint

    EGYPT’S Isis affiliate claimed responsibility yesterday for an attack on a police checkpoint in the Sinai peninsula that killed eight on Monday.

    The group has carried out scores of attacks, mainly targeting Egyptian security forces, since the 2013 military coup against Muslim...

    Wednesday 11th Jan 2017

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  • World in brief: Friday December 16 2016

    Israel destroys 866 West Bank buildings

    PALESTINE: EU diplomats said yesterday Israel demolished 866 structures in the Occupied Territories this year including the homes of 1,221 people — almost half of them children.

    The figure included...

    Friday 16th Dec 2016

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  • World in brief: Monday December 12 2016

    25 Copts killed in Egypt; Paolo Gentiloni new Italian PM; 45 killed in Yemen suicide-bombing; 160 die in Nigeria church collapse

    Monday 12th Dec 2016

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  • Egypt: Foreign Ministry denies involvement in Syrian war

    EGYPT has denied reports its forces are operating clandestinely in Syria in support of the government’s fight against extremists linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    “These claims only exist in the imagination of those who promote them,” the Egyptian Foreign Ministry...

    Tuesday 29th Nov 2016

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  • Egypt turns its back on Saudi allies against terror

    EGYPTIAN President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has given his support to Syria and Iraq in their struggle against foreign-backed terrorism — bringing Cairo into conflict with its erstwhile ally Saudi Arabia.

    In a live interview with Portugal’s RTP TV on Tuesday, Mr Sissi said:...

    Thursday 24th Nov 2016

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  • Egypt: Appeal court throws out life sentence for Morsi

    OUSTED Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi won another legal victory yesterday when the Court of Cassation quashed a life sentence and ordered his retrial on charges of conspiracy with foreign militant groups.

    The decision by the Cairo court was delivered nearly 17 months after the...

    Wednesday 23rd Nov 2016

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  • Egypt: Riot cops deployed as pound plummets

    EGYPT’S government ordered riot police and troops onto the streets yesterday amid fears of rioting over plummeting currency values and soaring prices.

    Basic commodities such as sugar have become scarce in recent days.

    Activists called for nationwide protests yesterday in...

    Saturday 12th Nov 2016

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  • Women’s call to sack virginity tests MP

    WOMEN’S rights campaigners have filed a legal complaint against member of parliament Ilhami Agena, who called for mandatory virginity tests for women seeking university admission, the Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper reported yesterday.

    Maya Morsi, who heads the state-sanctioned...

    Monday 3rd Oct 2016

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