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  • Ice Yanks believe new-forged solidarity can lead them to victory

    US ICE hockey stars are hoping the solidarity forged in the crucible of struggle can help them take Olympic glory, forward Hilary Knight said yesterday.

    Threatening to boycott the world championships last March landed the women’s national team a pay rise and some of the perks USA...

    Friday 1st Dec 2017

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  • Diaspora Boy: Comics on Crisis in America and Israel

    Michal Boncza reviews a searing new book of comics by Eli Valley

    Saturday 12th Aug 2017

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  • No-one wins in a nuclear war

    ANYONE wondering why the US and North Korea are threatening each other with nuclear devastation might contemplate Donald Trump’s latest Twitter comments.

    “My first order as president was to renovate and modernise our nuclear arsenal. It is now far stronger and more powerful...

    Thursday 10th Aug 2017

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  • ‘Devastated’ Kermit’s voice actor sacked after 27 years

    KERMIT THE FROG’S voice actor said he was “devastated” on Thursday after Muppet bosses sacked him from the job he had done for 27 years.

    Steve Whitmire, who had provided the nasal tones of the skinny green master of ceremonies since Jim Henson’s death in 1990,...

    Saturday 15th Jul 2017

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  • Muslims are not the enemy – conformity is

    Barring citizens of Muslim countries from travelling to the US is an act of immorality and injustice. Sadly, many in the US say that such discriminatory laws already make them feel safe, writes Ramzy Baroud

    Friday 14th Jul 2017

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  • The war madness must be stopped

    A heightened US role in Syria is now just one of the many explosive dangers in the region, writes JOHN ELLISON

    Wednesday 12th Jul 2017

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  • China and US meet over nukes

    CHINESE military chiefs called for a return to six-nation denuclearisation talks for the Korean peninsula in Washington yesterday.

    They proposed a “dual-track approach” with a peace mechanism in parallel with a “suspension for suspension” to defuse tensions over...

    Friday 23rd Jun 2017

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  • Miami 5 hero slams Trump for thwarting detente

    FORMER Miami Five prisoner Fernando Gonzalez said on Wednesday the US blockade of his county was doomed to failure.

    He hit back at US President Donald Trump’s partial rollback last week of the detente with Cuba — that began with the release of the five from US prison in...

    Friday 23rd Jun 2017

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  • US bombers fly near North Korea again

    US STRATEGIC bombers made another show of force to North Korea yesterday a day after recently freed US tourist Otto Warmbier died in hospital after being flown home.

    Two bombers flew over South Korea yesterday in a now-ritual display to the north.

    In the US city of Cincinnati,...

    Wednesday 21st Jun 2017

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  • Merkel vows to save TTIP deal despite US hostility

    GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed yesterday to save the widely opposed TTIP trade deal.

    She told top bosses she would seek a broad agreement on trade at the Group of 20 summit in Hamburg on July 7-8, amid business concern that US President Donald Trump will quash the deal.


    Wednesday 21st Jun 2017

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