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  • Bosses ‘force zero-hours contracts on to workers’

    CONSTRUCTION workers, cleaners and hairdressers are being told they have to become self-employed so their bosses can avoid sickness, holiday and maternity costs Acas said yesterday.

    Callers to the conciliation service’s helpline also reported that offers of work dried up if they...

    Friday 7th Jul 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

  • Zero hours workers see red as Green Day gig axed

    GIG workers were left fuming after they lost a day’s pay when US rock band Green Day were forced to cancel a Glasgow gig at the last minute over safety concerns.

    Around 200 casual staff were booked to work a 12-hour shift for basket-case employer Onpoint+ on Tuesday night before...

    Thursday 6th Jul 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

  • Young zero-hours workers fall prey to mental problems

    ZERO-HOURS contracts are causing mental health problems for young workers, a study published today reveals.

    The University College London (UCL) study, which analysed data for more than 7,700 people living in England born in 1989-90, has prompted a renewed call from the TUC for...

    Wednesday 5th Jul 2017

    posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

  • PCS: Serwotka presses for end to zero-hours

    CIVIL Service union PCS leader Mark Serwotka called yesterday for an end to zero-hours contracts as a study revealed that one-third of public-sector workers are surviving on fluctuating income.

    A survey of over 10,000 civil servants and council workers found that 45 per cent are...

    Thursday 25th May 2017

    posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

  • Unions voice ire at weak ‘request’ right

    UNIONS have angrily condemned proposals to give workers on zero-hours contracts the right to “request” fixed hours.

    In a submission to a government-commissioned review of working practices, bosses’ club the CBI says such a “right” should be introduced on...

    Wednesday 24th May 2017

    posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

  • Zero-hours battle backed by Irons

    JEREMY IRONS has backed demands to end zero-hours contracts at a top university — but urged striking security guards to “be reasonable.”

    The actor, known for roles in Brideshead Revisited and The Lion King, was speaking at a University of London event on Tuesday night...

    Thursday 18th May 2017

    posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

  • Zero-hours ‘in need of major reforms’

    TUC hits out of failure of Tory government to regulate sector

    Friday 12th May 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

  • Bosses tricking zero-hours staff out of holiday pay

    RUTHLESS bosses are conning workers on zero-hours contracts into believing they have no right to a holiday.

    A study by the charity Citizens Advice found yesterday that some employers were deliberately flouting the law and exploiting workers’ confusion around the issue.


    Tuesday 9th May 2017

    posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

  • Deliveroo: Paying minimum ‘won’t work’ for firm

    Food delivery giant lobbies MPs for low pay

    Thursday 30th Mar 2017

    posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

  • Hospital workers to strike over zero-hours

    SUPPORT staff at Watford General Hospital in London voted overwhelmingly yesterday in favour of strike action against appalling conditions including zero-hours contracts and low pay.

    The 300 workers are employed as cleaners, domestics and porters by health privateer Medirest, one of...

    Thursday 30th Mar 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain