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Summer of Heroes: The paper like no other

Loads of you are getting behind the Morning Star and becoming heroes in the process – here are just a few good reasons to join them

We have raised over £60,000, and there is still around £90,000 to find by September 12. 

It means we have to find at least £15,000 a week from now on. 

Readers and supporters are sending in pictures of themselves holding up copies of the Morning Star and giving us 100 words on why they back this great newspaper of the left. That’s inspiring others. Join them.

It’s August and many more readers and supporters are organising events for this hottest of the summer months to raise money. 

What are you up to in August? Barbeques, parties, sponsored walks, poetry readings, political meetings, gigs and book sales?

Don’t hide your lights! Run an event, take a snap, then send us the story and pictures. 

We want them for our website, for our newsletter and for the paper, because they encourage others. 

Antonio Viera-Gallo, the Chilean socialist persecuted by Pinochet, once said: “Socialism can only arrive by bicycle.” 

Now on Merseyside, our intrepid readers and supporters will be proving it by cycling 280 miles to the Fete de l’Humanite in Paris. 

Have you donated to support their ride? They are aiming to raise £10,000 for the Morning Star Summer of Heroes appeal.

Why are so many people supporting us? 

Remember the July 10 general strike? It brought more people out onto the streets than in 1926. The political scene is hotting up and the Morning Star will be playing its part. 

Thanks to those who have stood by this paper bought it and funded it, we remain one of the only newspapers that wholeheartedly backed the strikes. That’s why.

Today, Saturday August 9, tens of thousands of people are back on the streets of London for another monster demonstration in support of the embattled Palestinian people of Gaza. Almost 2,000 have died in what can only be described as an attempted genocide. 

Children have been killed on beaches playing football, in hospitals hit by missiles and in UN schools, while sheltering from homes which just moments before Israeli troops had telephoned, warning they were about to be targetted.

These are war crimes and many of you have attended these rallies and vigils to protest.

However, if you are a BBC News-watcher, you wouldn’t be aware. This publicly funded channel is fast becoming known as the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, and has not covered a single one. BBC — shame on you. 

The truth is that the BBC censors, but we at the Morning Star celebrate the protests. 

We expose the truth and the lies in pages and pages of coverage from the only newspaper fighting for justice here and around the world. That’s why. 

And did you see our superb eight-page World War I souvenir edition last weekend? It was a unique collaboration with three other European left newspapers — Germany’s Junge Welt, Denmark’s Arbejderen and Luxembourg’s Zeitung vum Letzebuerger Vollek. 

No other media took the opportunity to tell the truth about this war that didn’t end all wars. 

All the others fell into step with the Con-Dems and turned the centenary of this slaughter into a nauseating jingofest. That’s why.

If you missed our souvenir edition, you can get your copy from the Morning Star online shop at just £1.95 (incl. P&P).

It is now time everyone on the left and in the labour and trade union movement stepped up and recognised the unique place this great newspaper has occupied in our national life for the last 84 years. 

In the West Country one reader did just that and donated his day’s “pay” — his pension — to our Summer of Heroes appeal. Another donated the proceeds of his book. Yet another donated her and her late husband’s wedding rings — an extraordinary gift and evidence of a devotion to the Morning Star. 

There are countless others who have given rare books, their savings and more. Join them. Be part of this great effort to develop our paper. 

Ask not what the Morning Star can do for you, ask what you can do for your Morning Star. The Daily Miracle needs you now.


Campaigns co-ordinator

IN just four weeks, the Morning Star “Heroes of Pain” will be pedalling to Paris to join the great Fete de l’Humanite.

Organised by the Merseyside Morning Star Supporters Group, this is the 2nd Edition of the Cycle Challenge — 270 gruelling miles of tarmac and tears from a crack team of two-wheeled class warriors.

This time, the riders — all peloton and no breakaway — are gearing up to raise £10,000 for the Daily Miracle’s Summer of Heroes campaign.

At 5.30am on Tuesday September 9 the “little ball” of 10 riders will gather outside Morning Star headquarters in east London to collect a special edition of the newspaper for delivery to the fete three days later. 

Les Doherty, TUC tutor and Super Domestique for the ride, says: “We need the Star to continue to be our daily weapon in the battle against warmongering, lies and greed. That’s why we’ve pledged to take on our most adventurous cycle challenge yet.

“We are appealing to anyone who shares our understanding and love of this great paper to sponsor the group. If you or your organisation have not supported the Summer of Heroes campaign, now is the chance. Support your Heroes of Pain!”

Steve Lyons 


I’ve worked in the offshore oil industries for most of my life and know the dangers all too well. 

The Morning Star knows this too and has always been the solitary voice in the media that has campaigned with us for better health and safety conditions in the offshore industries and for the health and safety rights of all workers in all industries. This is simply my way of giving something back.

Will the team’s domestic servant and waterbottle-carrier discharge his duties without complaint or does he secretly have one eye on the yellow jersey? 

To sponsor Steve  call (020) 8510-0815


Peter Middleman 

Maillot Jaune

MY first memory of the paper is as a young boy when my mum chastised my dad for leaving a copy on display in the house when we were expecting visitors. 

I suppose the subversive reputation of it resonated with me even then. 

Much later, as a new and naive union rep, I’d buy as many papers as were offered to me at demonstrations and on visits to News from Nowhere — Liverpool’s radical bookshop.  

What has always set the paper apart has been its superb international coverage — from Cuba to Iraq and from Palestine to Ukraine, the Star’s reporting and features are essential reading for all progressives.

Will the General Classification favourite hold off the inevitable attacks from rivals or will gravity defeat him at the sight of the first hill? 

To sponsor Peter call (020) 8510-0815 

Calvin Tucker 

Maillot Vert

The bicycle is a human-powered machine which challenges, empowers and brings endless joy to countless millions. 

When I am riding my bike I am 12 years old once again, free as a bird, with the wind in my hair, ready for whatever adventure life may throw my way. 

By contrast, capitalism is a money-powered machine which oppresses humans in the interests of something our masters call “the economy.” 

Will the team’s sprint champion hold the Green Jersey all the way to Paris or will he be elbowed out and lose it on the line?  

To sponsor Calvin call (020) 8510-0815 



There are three ways to sponsor the ride:

  • To pay by card, phone the Morning Star on (020) 8510-0815
  • Go to www.morningstaronline/support to make a one-off donation and sponsor a rider
  • Send us a cheque, payable to Merseyside Morning Star Supporters Group and send to Pedalling4Progress, 10 Hadassah Grove, Liverpool L17 8XH


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