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Opinion Assorted renegades begin to clutch at straws

BERNADETTE HORTON ridicules the idea of a new political party intended to split the Labour vote but warns that it will require a proper political riposte

THE announcement that a possible new “centrist” political party is about to be formed, backed by multimillionaire LoveFilm founder Simon Franks and bankrolled by other wealthy donors, is raising eyebrows in the right-wing media but not fooling any working class people at all.

“SDP2” has long been on the drawing board since Tony Blair departed and once Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party in 2015, there were reports of certain MPs needing a  “spiritual home” for their views.

It’s been clear from day one of Corbyn’s leadership that certain Labour MPs refuse to back him and refuse to allow a Corbyn-led Labour Party to govern

The likes of Tristram Hunt who stepped down as MP and took a directorship  at the Albert and Victoria museum rather than knuckle down to get a Labour government elected and current Barrow-In-Furness Labour MP  John Woodcock who seems hell-bent on doing whatever he can to ensure a Labour government is never elected with Corbyn as leader, are the likely suspects for a move to this new party.

Unsurprisingly, the possible new party has Tory donors too.

Apparently the party ideology will borrow policies from both Labour and the Tories and be tough on immigration and likely tough on welfare too — we call it social security in the Labour Party — the disastrous sort of policies we had under Ed Miliband’s leadership that failed to get Labour elected as the electorate simply couldn’t tell Labour apart from the Conservatives and earned us the unwelcome nickname of being Blue Labour.

It’s been clearly obvious from day one of Corbyn’s leadership that certain Labour MPs don’t back him and refuse to allow a Corbyn-led Labour Party to potentially govern.

Every time the party sees a surge in membership, a surge in participation of grassroots campaigning, these MPs work at undermining everything ordinary members are doing.

For them it is all about personal power and climbing their own career ladders. It isn’t and never was about improving the lot of working class lives.

Let’s make no mistake. This new party is being set up as their own personal millionaires club, home for the moneyed rich to toast with champagne watered-down neoliberal “socialism.”

Their aim is simple — split the Labour vote and make the Labour Party unelectable under Corbyn or any Corbyn heir in future.

This pink Tory Party will sit and debate how to bring Labour down, how to stop Corbyn and how to feather their own nests — a retirement home for the tired and redundant neoliberal politics of Progress — but their interests will not lie in calling out rancid Tory policies or ensuring Theresa May is not re-elected.

This new party is not interested in working-class lives blighted by Tory austerity.

This party will go back to the future to what it knows best, cosying up to big business and the Alan Sugars of this world, telling working class people what is best for us as they swan round in Saville Row suits, pontificating about foodbank use while never actually setting foot in one and dining at the best restaurants themselves.

All the while they will be intent on pointing at Corbyn and smearing his name, letting Theresa May and her cronies off the hook.

Their mates will be the right-wing media barons currently doing their utmost to destroy the Labour Party in print everyday.
I have seen these neoliberals up close as they masquerade currently as Labour MPs. They are personally power mad, quite frankly.

Their air of superiority over working class lives is tangible.

Their own constituency members and electorate are inconsequential as long as they get their own way and, if they don’t, they throw their toys out the pram.

Reportedly this new party has been in development for a year. If it gets off the ground, we must be ready to tackle it as it will undoubtedly have the mainstream media behind it and possibly bankrolling some of its activity.

We cannot sit back and allow another ruling elite, alongside the Tories, to hoodwink the working class into thinking the “centrist” route is right for Britain.

Corbyn is already attacked daily and the attacks on him personally will increase, but we must remain as strong as he is and call out these pink Tories for what they are — self-serving, self-righteous, bogus politicians who stand for no-one but themselves.

The Labour Party has seen a new dawn under Corbyn — a man who passionately respects the rights of ordinary people to live good-quality lives where decent housing, a wage you can live on without worrying about paying your bills, an NHS and education system fit for purpose are the high standards of a future Labour government.

We have a Labour Party that works for the majority. This new party will only work for the elite few.


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