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Campaign of the Week: The SNP uses the independence issue to camouflage its reactionary policies

Kilmarnock and Loudoun Labour candidate KEVIN McGREGOR makes it clear that the upcoming election should be about issues that affect ordinary people’s everyday lives and how Labour’s progressive policies will change them for the better

AS Scottish Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Kilmarnock and Loudoun, I try to concentrate my campaign around issues that affect people’s everyday lives and discuss how Labour’s progressive policies will improve things and lead to equality and fairness for everyone in our communities.

While I don’t use the term “cynical” to describe our local SNP MP and MSP for continually focusing on independence — after all it’s the only “real” message they have — I object to the way they portray it as some kind of magical “fix-all remedy” for society’s ills, while conveniently keeping quiet about their clear lack of progressive policies and their deliberate failure to use powers they already have to benefit the people.

And I do think the latest move from Nicola Sturgeon in now agreeing to “address” a pro-independence rally is exactly that. Cynical.

Strangely, in the five years since the independence referendum, the First Minister (who supposedly represents us all) has never gone as far as to address one of these rallies in person but now that an election is expected in the very near future she has suddenly changed her mind and decided to do so.

Surely this is proof that she and her party are clearly just using the independence movement in a calculated attempt to do nothing more than hoover up votes to consolidate SNP power.

This move isn’t about independence. It’s solely about retaining and consolidating power for the SNP clique





Can I venture a suggestion that many independence supporters must now realise that they are being played?

This move isn’t about independence. It’s solely about retaining and consolidating power for the SNP clique and it’s a cynical ploy being used against those who would “lend” the SNP support as a party to see their dream realised.

The SNP has now said publicly that winning a majority of seats won’t be considered a “legitimate mandate” to negotiate or declare independence itself so if you are an indy supporter who cares about practical policy and action to improve society, you really now need to ask yourself what’s in it for you by voting for the SNP at a general election?

It is clear now that the SNP is not the means to the end they would have independence supporters believe it is. They have proved by their actions in government at Holyrood that they are certainly not the left-leaning, progressive party their Westminster MPs love to claim that they are.

So maybe it’s time to look elsewhere?

The argument for a general election, when it comes, should be around who will deliver a fairer, better society across the UK. The two parties in government in Edinburgh and London have been found out. It’s time for Labour.

Kevin McGregor is Scottish Labour prospective parliamentary candidate for Kilmarnock and Loudoun, Kilmarnock and Irvine Valley CLP chair; Ayrshire and Arran Unison health branch vice chair and Keir Hardie Society executive member.


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