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Fighting Fund with Ivan Beavis

I AM WELL chuffed to report £953.45 crashed into our coffers on Wednesday — they are now well and truly overflowing with your generosity. Pride of place goes to our comrades in northern England, standing four-square behind us as ever. I’m glad to report £500 received from trade unionists in Unite’s Leeds geographical branch. You’ll know them from the greetings they never fail to place in our pages on the big days of the labour movement calendar. We’re ever grateful for their unstinting support. Lavish support too comes from the legendary ladies of Rotherham, who’ve padded our pockets with another £50. Local Labour MP Sarah Champion has been doing a stellar job in these last few weeks and I don’t hesitate to say that our supporters in that city are champion too. Our man Pete Lazenby always gives it straight, most recently flustering the corporate media with his question to Jeremy Corbyn about their shocking bias. We’re very proud to count Pete among our ranks and his unflinching journalism has bagged us £100 from Cardiff. I salute both of you. Standing orders — vital income which we can depend on — have me salivating over £119 raised. And online we’ve had £79.45 from all over the shop. I thank you all. I know how difficult it is, after seven years of disastrous Tory policies, to spare even a modest amount. Whatever you come up with keeps us fighting!

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