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This election is a battle between the people and the establishment

Our country is crying out for real change after a decade of cruel Tory-Lib Dem austerity. What is clear is that only Labour is ready to deliver that change. Boris Johnson’s Conservatives stand for nothing but more of the same.

It is because we stand for real change that the establishment’s opposition is mounting – and, mark my words, it will get much worse before Election Day.

There are always winners and losers in any big social struggle. When Labour wins, millions of people whose lives have been so held back for so long will win with us. 

But the billionaire class will lose out. That is why it is fighting with all its might. The big polluters, city speculators and corporate tax-dodgers have had an easy ride for way too long. They are used to the fruits of the system devised by Thatcher to enrich the few and which has left most people falling further and further behind.

Billionaires have rigged our economy, they own our media and they bankroll the Tory Party. It is an all too cosy club and most people are not invited. And, let’s be honest, a small group of wealthy people having undue say over the economy, our politics and our media is not how democracy should work.

Under a Labour government things won’t work like that. We will redistribute wealth and power and in doing so, we’ll breathe new life into our democracy.

That is why Jeremy does not get a “fair deal” from the press. The right-wing press are demonising a decent man because they gain from this rotten system.

So, I’m not surprised one bit about the media onslaught against Jeremy Corbyn. But some of the media coverage must be causing embarrassment for those involved in producing it. I appreciate Boris Johnson thinks he was born to rule and therefore everything he does is of national significance. But was it really necessary for the BBC to devote such attention to the way he puts jam on his scone?

When will the BBC give such attention to all those who struggle to get a meal in his country and who rely on food banks? When will the media - instead of seeking to justify mega salaries – give such attention to those who struggle day in day out on poverty wages?

And why was it left to Jeremy Corbyn, rather than any of the media outlets, to uncover secret documents showing that under the Tories’ trade talks with Trump, the NHS is on the table?

This is not the Brexit election that the Tories had predicted. It goes far beyond that. This election will determine the future direction of the economy and our society over the next decade. 

That’s why the NHS issue is so central to this campaign. Under Johnson there will be a deal with Trump that threatens the NHS as part of their Thatcherite plans to deregulate the economy even further. 

In contrast Labour wants to build a society based on the values of our NHS: a society that puts people, not profit, first and that cares for everyone as equals.

Those are the values that run right through Labour’s manifesto. Under Jeremy’s leadership, the shadow cabinet has spent months preparing details on how we will transform the country – from a new Green Industrial Revolution based on a million well paid green jobs to free broadband that is as necessary now to our whole country’s future as the road, rail and canal networks were in the past to building our industrial heartlands.

In every department we are seeking to rebuild our society after a decade of Tory destruction. 

For example, I am proud of Labour’s transformative plan for the justice system. Tory cuts to legal aid seriously undermined access to justice, leaving hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people unable to enforce their rights in areas as fundamental as housing, employment, immigration and welfare benefits.

We know that when people can’t afford to defend their legal rights then those rights are not worth the paper they are written on. That’s why Labour has committed to returning all legal aid funded Early Legal Advice – providing much needed support in around 750,000 cases. This is the kind of legal support that empowers the single mother to take on the lousy landlord, the worker to take on the bullying boss, the migrant to challenge heartless Home Office decisions and the disabled person to fight back against disgraceful DWP rulings.

That is just one key part of Labour’s plans to empower hard-hit communities – deliberately targeted by Conservative cuts – to take on unjust decisions. Labour has also committed to funding a new generation of “people’s law centres” to help those who can’t afford lawyers. 

And we don’t just want more Law Centres based in people’s communities. We want people from their communities fighting for their communities. Labour’s new Community Lawyer initiative will fund hundreds of training contracts for a new generation of lawyers to serve their communities by using the law to secure justice for the many.

Those policies stand alongside our determination to end the scandal of private prisons because no human being should be incarcerated for profit, stop the court sell offs and tackle the racial bias in our justice system.

But to make those plans a reality, we need to win. Two weeks from now a new Prime Minister will be in Downing Street with the power to decide the future of millions of people. The big question is how they use it.

If Boris Johnson is there, then he will use that power to deliver for his class, the establishment and the beneficiaries of a rigged economic system.

In contrast, a Jeremy Corbyn government will build a fairer Britain where everyone can reach their potential. That’s a fight worth fighting, so let’s give it our all over the final days of this campaign in order to secure a government that fights for the many, not the privileged few. 


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