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The British establishment needs to accept its role in creating the refugee crisis

Our politicians cannot talk about stopping people from seeking safety on these shores when their decisions drive the conflicts and crises that create refugees, argues PAUL DONOVAN

THERE are a growing number of refugees across the world.

Most recently there has been much publicity concerning the refugees coming out of Afghanistan.

Also, those taking the dangerous route across the English Channel in search of refuge.

The rhetoric of government seems to have centred on stopping people getting here, rather than addressing the causes driving the flow of refugees; conflict and climate change.

Britain is one of the biggest arms sellers in the world; its weapons are found in conflicts all over. It is weapons that fuel conflict.

So this country has a large responsibility for fuelling conflict, thereby creating refugees.

Similarly, Britain and most of the other richest countries are most responsible for the climate crisis.

The rich countries are the ones doing the most damage in terms of CO2 emissions and biodiversity destruction by the way in which they live.

This behaviour helps create more refugees, fleeing the destruction caused.

So what is the response of rich countries like Britain?

Instead of accepting responsibility for their role in creating these crises, they do the opposite.

Britain has recently cut the overseas aid budget.

The rich countries have failed to deliver on the pledges of funding for the poorer countries, made at the Paris Climate conference in 2015.

These funds were to help the poorer countries cope with climate change.

And yet the arms sales register continues to thrive. It is incredible that given the problems the world faces in areas such as climate, the warmongers are once again banging the drum for a new cold war with China.

The only chance we have of survival is to work together across the world against threats like war, climate change and biodiversity destruction.

There needs to be a more peaceful world, not one beholden to the military industrial complex.

And a more peaceful, sustainable world will see fewer refugees as the main drivers forcing people to flee their lands will no longer be there.

It’s time to face up to its responsibilities as a prime instigator of the growing refugee crisis.


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