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Labour remains the best hope for radical social change

DAVID MORGAN argues that a ‘split’ in the Labour Party may not be catastrophic but that continued tolerance of the intolerable is not an option

THE Labour Party remains the best hope for everyone who wants to see achieved radical social change to redress the imbalances in a society that is heavily weighted against the poor, the vulnerable and oppressed wage earners in particular.

The best arguments for a Labour government should be based on economic justice and the principle of equality; certainly not the detour of ethnic or identity politics.

Religious beliefs especially need to be kept well out of it. There is no place for point-scoring over religion in modern politics.

What’s required is a complete separation of church and state. It follows from this that there should be no religious schools because these sow the seeds for future divisions.  

Labour quite simply represents truth and justice; it is the “sweetness and light” in the poet Matthew Arnold’s prosaic phrase. We are the side of the good. The Tories are the dark side. 

Sadly, the party is being derailed in its mission at present. That’s because the ruling elite are trembling at the prospect of a reforming Labour government coming to power and the elite is using a core of compliant collaborators from within to destroy the party and shatter the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the masses for future change and a better life.

That surely is an unforgivable crime and for that offence they must be rooted out. 

Lord Mandelson is now on record as stating openly that he works every day to undermine Labour and Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. This is utterly deplorable, as are all those who tread the same path.  

It is because of these wreckers that Labour can be likened to a crystal pond that’s been polluted and it is in urgent need of a clean up. 

As an organisation, Labour is now a mass movement that can boast a membership topping 500,000. That’s amazing and needs celebrating. 

We can therefore easily afford to lose 10 to 20,000 and in fact we should welcome an exodus of those who are seeking to destroy the party from within and to win it back for neoliberalism and the interventionist regime change foreign policy stance (the disaster that was Tony Blair).

As a party that believes in equality we shouldn’t worry too much from where we lose our members — top or bottom of the hierarchy, it’s all the same.

Labour has more than enough talent to replace those who go. The problem is that many are too privileged and complacent and, as such, have lost sight of the reason why they initially joined the ranks of the labour movement: which is to create a better world “for the many, not the few.” Any other motive is simply opportunism and self-advancement. 

So Labour activists need to get to work without delay to rebuild the party and shape it into an unbeatable electoral force.

Let the opposition from without and within tremble. They have much to fear: most of all loss of their privileges and ill-gotten gains, which they don’t deserve and never did.

A split will not derail a strong Labour Party. It will progress onwards and upwards. 


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