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For peace and people power 

Communist Party of Britain stands for the Greater London Assembly election

THE London Communist Party is fielding 12 candidates for the London Assembly election on May 2 2024 and calling for Londoners to make their vote count for the cause of the working class and for peace and justice when they vote in May and the upcoming general election.

London district secretary Robin Talbot said: “London’s communists are standing on a programme of fighting for a better quality of life, to save our crumbling public and social services and to defend our communities and democratic way of life from the managed decline and anti-democratic shift that we have seen under more than a decade of Tory rule.

“In these elections, we have an opportunity to send a message that Britain’s elected politicians must stop arming and supporting the bombing, starvation and ethnic cleansing carried out by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people, a cause which is close to the heart of many citizens of London and Britain. 

“London’s communists believe that the GLA must take radical action to defend and advance the conditions of our quality of life, lead the way towards a mass council housebuilding programme, invest in our public services and their staff properly and fight for more power for local government and communities to achieve a regeneration of London based on the needs and aspirations of the people, not big business and politicians.”

As well as in the GLA election, communist candidates are standing in the local elections of Norwich, Kempston, St Albans, Cambridge, Sheffield and Newcastle in order to raise the banner of working-class people’s demands throughout Britain.

As part of its campaign for the GLA, the London district of the Communist Party is launching a new minisite and WhatsApp supporters community as a means of publicising its new “Communist Manifesto for London” to the public and engaging more Londoners in the activities of the party in the capital. 

The party has been a staunch supporter of the regular demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their struggle for peace and justice, for an immediate ceasefire and lasting piece in the Middle East.

London communists, including those up for election to the GLA, are active fighters and organisers in their communities and workplaces on a wide range of issues, not professional politicians. To name a few of our candidates: Anita Halpin is a well-known trade union activist who served on the TUC general council for 10 years. Ruth Styles worked in housing, housing advice and community campaigning throughout her life. Robin Talbot is a secondary school teacher and local officer in the NEU. Paul Whitehouse has been organising workers and fighting for better pay and conditions in higher education settings for over a decade.

The London Communist Party is calling on the public to support the following demands and not only vote Communist in the GLA on May 2 2024, but also take action beyond the elections and get organised in their communities, workplaces and colleges. We are fighting for:

• A mass council housebuilding programme that will meet Londoners’ needs and aspirations. Proper regulation and licensing of the private rented sector, rent controls and funding for enforcement and prosecution of rogue landlords and developers. Justice for the survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.
• A plan for high-quality training, apprenticeships and jobs that will get young people and the unemployed into decent work. Regulation of bogus self-employment and zero hours’ contracts that are being misused by big business to exploit workers.
• A strategy to fight against inequality in London and violence against women and black people, as well as anti-discrimination enforcement and prosecution of employers. Access to childcare and credit for workers.
• Protection for public and social services from cuts and mismanagement. Emergency funding and planning to help resolve the mental health and care crises among London’s children and working people, and for services for the elderly and disabled people.
• A complete freeze on increases to TfL fares and congestion charges and the abolition of Ulez. A coherent plan that is affordable for London’s workers should be put into place to reduce car use and pollution. More travel concessions based on income.
• Free school meals for all primary and secondary schools, funding for the provision of subsidised childcare, and adequate funding for youth services and culture, such as an entitlement for all Londoners to access cultural sites free of charge.
• More power to local government and funding for community organisations, as well as the development of local people’s plans that involve communities, trade unions and small businesses in achieving a regeneration of London based on the needs and aspirations of the people, not big business and politicians. 
• A Green Plan for London, adapting to climate change and greening London’s buildings and open spaces, reducing pollution, improving energy efficiency and funding sustainable community projects.
• An investigation into big business in the City, its links to financial crime, war and human rights abuses today and the slave trade in the past. Reparations for slavery and GLA support for peace, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel, for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and against the British arms manufacturers whose weapons are the cause of misery and death in Palestine and elsewhere.
• An immediate investigation and action aimed at fundamentally changing the racist, sexist and homophobic culture in the Metropolitan Police and holding the police to account for any misconduct and crimes against the public.

Visit the new minisite of the London Communist Party here: London Communist Party (

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