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Lords have no right to trash Jeremy Corbyn's reputation in this way. That's why I started a petition declaring confidence in him

THERE is nothing more grating than having unelected, insular, wealthy Establishment “Labour” figures doing everything in their power, including throwing money at an anti-Corbyn newspaper to host an anti-Corbyn advertisement, to destroy our chances of winning a general election. 

There are people literally dying because of this vile government, be it through suicide, homelessness and a lack of adequate healthcare, and these Labour peers decide now, potentially months away from a general election, is the time to launch an unprecedented attack on the leader of her majesty's opposition.

Their self-indulgence is both sickening and eye-watering. If I thought one tenth of them actually believed Jeremy Corbyn was an ominous threat to Jewish people I’d have total sympathy with them, but I am convinced that’s not what they believe. 

Jeremy has condemned anti-semitism as an evil that must be eradicated time and time again. He got choked up in a speech to commemorate the battle of Cable Street when he spoke movingly of the role his own mother played on that historic day. His own voting record proves his commitment to fighting anti-semitism. 

The small percentage of anti-semites in our party are there in spite of him, not because of him. It must be horrendous for Jeremy, who is so viscerally disgusted by injustice, inequality, racism and anti-semitism, to be compared to Hitler or something very close to it. 

The shamelessness of his detractors in smearing such a decent, honest, compassionate man knows no bounds. They want him gone, not because they believe he is an anti-semite, but because they know he’s a socialist, and a committed, radical one at that. 

That’s what's brought so many new members into the party. 

It’s what helped strip the Tories of their majority in the 2017 general election. Jeremy Corbyn has given people hope again.

That’s why I started a petition calling on people to use it to cast a vote of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn. And at the last time I looked, over 21,500 people have done so in just a few days. 

Sixty-three wealthy, insular, privileged peers, many with tarnished anti-racist credentials, versus 26,500 ordinary people. You decide which carries most weight. I know what I think.

You can sign the petition at

Chelley Ryan is a Labour Party activist.


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